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Clear Litter Pan


We have spent a long time trying to find a litter pan option that pleased our 4 ferrets but nothing we tried worked. They would just go on the floor in front of the litter pan so we purchased rubber mats to place there which made cleaning a little easier but still wasnt pleasant. We stumbled on this site a couple months ago and purchased one of these litter pans and it has been amazing. It is large enough that the ferrets can move around comfortably in it and pick "their spot." We have very few messes to clean up anymore. We originally only replaced 1 of their 2 litter pans with this one and actually just now purchased a 2nd litter pan to replace the smaller litter pan on the first floor of their 3 story cage since it has worked out so well. We couldnt be happier with the results.
Date Added: 05/31/2012 by Kayla White
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