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Clear Litter Pan

Date Added: 03/21/2021 by Tricia F.
Kritter Koncepts went above and beyond and delivered the clear litter box today (Sunday) after I ord

Date Added: 03/18/2020 by Cynthia S.
I love this box have been looking for one. FYI this does not fit across the back of FN cage. To

Date Added: 02/07/2015 by Stefanie White
Already have 2 of these in our ferret cage and just ordered a third for the play room.This is the on

Date Added: 11/11/2013 by Aryana Welch
I bought one for my 3 ferrets quite a long time ago. They won't go in store bought boxes or cheaper

Date Added: 05/31/2012 by Kayla White
We have spent a long time trying to find a litter pan option that pleased our 4 ferrets but nothing

Date Added: 10/27/2009 by Cindy Kieler
My 5 year old ferret Nando seemed to have lost his good litter box habits. He started pooping into t

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