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Clear Litter Pan

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A durable custom made litter pan that fits the width of all Kritter Koncepts Kages. The pan fits snug so ferrets cannot move it into the middle of the cage. No more corner accidents! Cleaning litter pans has just gotten much easier, just open up the small door, slide out the pan, clean it and slide it back in. We can make pans to fit most brands of cages. Please email or call us for assistance.

Please note: The front panel (lip) is 2 inches tall and the back panel is 5 inches tall on all pans.

KK029 works with Kages KK707A & KK712A
KK030 works with Kages KK706A & KK708A.
KK033 works with Kages KK701A through KK705A.
KK036 works with the Ferret Nation cage and fits on top of the tray lip.
KK037 works with the Ferret Nation cage and fits inside the tray lip.
KK042 works with Kage KK711A.

  • Model: KK028

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