Choose Wisely: -- Observe all toys given to ferrets for any chewing marks. Throw away any toy that has missing parts or has been chewed on. -- Make sure if they get inside a toy, he/she has room to get out. It's easy for them to get into small places, but much more difficult to get out. -- The most favorite toy of all is you! Play with your ferret(s) daily!!

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(image for) Crocheted Balls

Crocheted Balls

A great toy for ferrets (or cats) to grab and carry off to their favorite hidey hole, or to nose around the room! For added enrichment, rub in a...

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(image for) Crocheted Barbells

Crocheted Barbells

This toy is crocheted into the shape of a barbell with a small bell inside each end. Pets have a great time carrying it off and adding them to their...

(image for) Crocheted Bell Ball with Tail

Crocheted Bell Ball with Tail

Our ferrets and cats have a ball with this toy! They spend hours trying to hide it on the opposite side of the room. It is a bell ball with a...

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(image for) Play Tube (Clear) - 15 Ft

Play Tube (Clear) - 15 Ft

Wait until your ferret(s) see this tube -- they'll have you in stitches weaving in and out and turning about! No ferret family should be without at...

Displaying 1 to 4 (of 4 Products)